National park Ankarafantsika | Majunga

Place of discovery headlight of the province of Majunga, the National Park Ankarafantsika owes its fame to its rate of endemicity floristic and faunistic high.

Its forests and savannahs contain a diversified ecosystem: a big lake of 27 ha populated by herons and ducks, a rare floristic formation on sandy massif and a dense forest which contains more than 823 species of plants, 129 species of birds, 8 species of lemurs, reptiles, batrachians…

The road is practicable all year long. Of course, you will need at least 2 days to fully enjoy the 135 000 hectares of Ankarafantsika (bungalows, campsites and restaurant available on site). Especially since the places present a fascinating cultural course of the Sakalava people with the “Doany” (tombs of the kings)

The village of Andranofasika, located a few kilometers from the park, also has small restaurants.

Entrance fees (guiding fee not included)

  • Residents: 500 (children) and 2.000 ariary (adults)
  • Non-residents: 25,000 ariary (children) and 55,000 ariary (adults)

Tickets are available either at the park’s ticket office or at the regional tourism office in Antananarivo.

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