Karibu Lodge excursion | Majunga

Karibu Lodge offers excursions to visit the sites that made the history of Majunga.

Live playful experiences and discover an unsuspected cultural heritage. Outings in quad or dugout canoes, this complete tour is made for you.

1 day at Antsanitia

Departure at 9 am. On the program :

  • Red Circus
  • Sacred lake
  • Seaside resort of Antsanitia

Return planned at 6 pm.

Caves of Anjohibe, circuits of 2 days

Departure planned at 9 am :

  • Day 1 : swimming, visit of the mini Tsingy, fauna and flora. Dinner and night on the spot.
  • Day 2 : visit of the caves, lemurs, waterfalls and natural swimming pool. Return to Majunga in the middle of the afternoon.

1 day in Katsepy

Departure planned at 8 am. On the program :

  • Fishermen’s village
  • Lighthouse
  • Red circus

Return to Majunga at the end of the afternoon

Boina Bay : 3 days adventure

Departure planned at 9 am :

  • Day 1 : transportation to a deserted islet, fishermen’s village, troll fishing.
  • Day 2: diving, underwater hunting, visit of an islet with Arab ruins, trolling.
  • Day 3: visit of mangroves and return to Majunga, visit of the lighthouse.

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Location of "Karibu Lodge" 

Karibu Lodge

Boulevard marcoz la Corniche
401 Majunga
020 62 247 11

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