Hotel restaurant Antsanitia Resort | Mahajanga

From ≃ €67 a night

Antsanitia Resort swimming pool has 6 categories of luxurious and spacious suites and rooms in Majunga.

Only 40 minutes from the city center, let yourself be charmed by the beauty and authenticity of this exceptional site.

Characteristics of the rooms :

  • Pool villa suite: private pool, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room (from 230 euros/night)
  • Senior pool suite: one bedroom, equipped mezzanine, private pool (from 171 euros/night)
  • Junior suite: 1 king-size bed, 2 single beds, mezzanine (from 123 euros/night)
  • Bungalows: 1 king-size bed, terrace (from 70 euros/night)
  • Family room: 1 double bed, 2 single beds, garden view (from 84 euros/night)
  • Garden view room: king-size bed, terrace (from 67 euros/night)

The bungalows and suites offer a panoramic view of the sea and the river.

Services of the establishment:

  • Restaurant & bar-lounge
  • Massages with essential oil
  • Beauty salon, manicure, pedicure
  • Excursions, picnics, tours
  • Seminar room, 12 to 15 people
  • Meeting with the inhabitants of the surrounding villages

With Antsanitia Resort, live wonderful escapades to discover Majunga and its secret treasures. Immerse yourself in a natural environment, punctuated by intense moments and relaxing breaks.

On the program:

  • Sport fishing: Antsapêche (sport fishing center)
  • Fishing in a dugout canoe : 3 hours adventure accompanied by a guide
  • Fishing in surf casting: day or night program of 3 hours
  • Safari (whales and dolphins): minimum 5 people
  • Discovery of the Sakalava country : departure from the village of Morira in Antsanitia.
  • Morira and its surroundings: immersions in a mangrove by pirogue, insect repellent, water and sun cream to be provided
  • Cruise in catamaran: passage in the village of the fishermen and the Red Circus in Majunga
  • Visit of the national park of Ankarafantsika: 3 hours of walking
  • Meeting with the Sakalava life
  • Discovery of the habits and customs, sacred places, superstition
  • Passage to Marovoay : rice granary of the region
  • Anjohibe cave : 2 days, from May to November
  • Stroll in Majunga

Contact "Antsanitia Resort"

032 03 911 00
034 69 911 00

Send a mail to "Antsanitia Resort"


Fokontany d'Antsanitia, commune rurale de Belobaka
401 Majunga

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