Aluminum and PVC manufacturing company Europ'Alu | Antananarivo

Europ’Alu is a professional of aluminum and PVC construction in Antananarivo.

Europ’Alu is a company specialized in the aluminium joineries on measure. It imagines, designs, manufactures and installs them with care to embellish all your constructions.

At Europ’Alu you can benefit from :

  • Better thermal insulation. It allows you to regulate the temperature in the rooms where they are installed.
  • Better sound insulation. It allows you to limit noise pollution that can become annoying.
  • A better quality of material and tool. They meet international standards

You will be able to ask to see in the catalog of its store in Andraharo all that the company is able to carry out like:

  • The partitions
  • The external closings
  • The guardrails
  • The dressings of facade
  • The mosquito nets
  • Pergolas
  • Doors and windows
  • Awnings, etc.

Contact "Europ' Alu"

020 23 603 09

Send a mail to "Europ' Alu"


Enceinte Discodin Andraharo
101 Antananarivo

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