Architectural firm Roche terre immobilier | Antananarivo

Located in Antananarivo, Roche Terre Immobilier is an architectural firm that can provide services related to the acquisition or sale of a house or land.

Roche Terre Immobilier is a competent agency which can help you in all the steps.

It can help you to:

  • Putting your property on the market
  • Find serious and reliable tenants
  • Find exceptional properties and land titles in good standing

Roche Terre Immobilier can also take care of your construction and rehabilitation projects.

The agency can make you an estimate of the volume of materials and tools necessary to your expectations.

You can also ask them for advice and take advantage of their promotion for housing estates located in very interesting areas such as Mantasoa or Ilafy Ambatobe.

Contact "Roche Terre Immobilier"

034 20 483 63

Send a mail to "Roche Terre Immobilier"


Lot IIM 47 M Bis Analamahitsy
101 Antananarivo

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