Beauty products store Réserve naturelle | Antananarivo

Come to store your beauty products in one of the stores of Réserve Naturelle in Antananarivo.

Réserve Naturelle located in the biggest shopping centers of the city of Antananarivo is a store that sells cosmetic products, perfumes and costume jewelry of the brand Adopt’.

In a bright atmosphere full of floral fragrances, it displays on its beautiful shelves its most beautiful products such as :

– Make-up products with lipstick, make-up palette, foundation, etc.

– Skin care and protection products with face scrub, moisturizing mask, anti-aging and nourishing night cream, etc.

– Perfumes with sweet and pleasant scents for all tastes, men or women.

– Nail polish to give your hands a boost.

Fashionistas will be able to have fun. Réserve Naturelle offers accessories in the air of time:

– Fashion jewelry with earrings and necklaces trends

– Scarves to dress up your neck

– Clips, headbands and head jewelry to embellish your hairstyles.

Contact "Réserve Naturelle"

020 22 570 70
034 22 570 70

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Galerie Smart Tanjombato
101 Antananarivo

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