Delicatessen Lewis | Antananarivo

Do you love cold meats and cured meats? Charcuterie Lewis in Tana offers you its best products to embellish your recipes.

The Lewis Delicatessen has very quickly made the taste buds of the fans of delicatessen and cured meats vibrate. Its products have the merit of being fresh and tasty.

You will find pork products, but also beef and poultry products:

  • Sausages
  • Mortadelles
  • Salamis
  • Hams
  • Foie gras
  • Pâtés
  • Cheese, etc …

Finely and delicately cut, Lewis’ delicatessen and cured meats can be suitable for both chic events and simple convivial moments with friends.

What would a plate of cold meats be without cheese and pickles. Some of its stores have a grocery section to complete your gourmet moments.

If you are looking for catering services, Lewis can also take care of your holiday meals.

Its head office is located in Ampefiloha, a neighborhood very close to the city center.

Several are open throughout the capital, such as in Analakely, Ambohibao, Ampandrana etc …

Location of "Lewis" 


Bloc commercial #3 Ampefiloha
101 Antananarivo
020 22 245 18

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