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MADA GPS offers a GPS tracking service for your vehicles.

Our solution will allow you to follow in detail on your tablet or smartphone the slightest movements of your vehicles throughout Madagascar.

How does it work?

  • We install, by the standards, a discreet GPS beacon in your vehicle
  • We train you on the use of our tracking platform

What information can we have about the vehicles?

  • Real-time tracking (you’ll see your vehicles advancing on the Google Map)
  • Travel history (you can review your vehicles’ journeys)

What alerts can be set?

  • Overspeed alerts (you will be informed by text message or/and email if you exceed the speed limit of one of the vehicles)
  • Zone entry and exit alerts (you will be informed by text message or/and email in case of entry or exit from a predefined area, for example if a vehicle leaves a construction site when it is not allowed, etc…)
  • Panic button alert (in case of trouble your driver can activate a Panic button that will send you an “SMS ALERT” asking you to call him back
  • Device disconnection alert
  • Vehicle maintenance reminder (oil change, brake etc …)

How do the reports work?

We will set up reports with you in the excel, pdf or html format sent automatically by email that will give you access to all this information:

  • Number of kilometres travelled
  • Number of overspeeds
  • Number of stops
  • Average speed, etc …

What are the other options?

We can offer you two other options:

  • Remote engine cut (by a simple text message you turn off the vehicle’s engine remotely)
  • Remote listening (we install a microphone in the vehicle that allows you to listen to what is happening in the vehicle in case of a problem) You must keep the users of the vehicle informed of the presence of the microphone

What are the rates?

  • Installation costs: 0 Ar
  • Monthly subscription: 45,000 Ar

Our solution is adapted to all types of tracking:

  • Car
  • Truck
  • Motorcycle
  • Electric bike
  • Construction equipment
  • Boat
  • Generator
  • Mobile person (rechargeable device)

Contact "MADA GPS"

032 71 574 68

Send a mail to "MADA GPS"


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