3 Metis Hotel | Antananarivo

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The Hotel Les 3 Métis is a lodging built in the third arrondissement of the commune of Antananarivo around the year 1913.

A business district, it is close to establishments useful for everyday life. Its asset lies in the beauty of its traditional architecture inspired by colonial bourgeois houses. Its location is strategic for those who come for tourism. Several historical sites are nearby.

This 2-storey establishment has a total of 23 rooms and 2 suites. They are spacious with a surface area ranging from 17 m² to 40 m². They have recently been given a facelift to offer a more modern decor to residents, without spoiling the authentic charm that gives character to each room.

  • Private shower
  • satellite TV
  • Mini bar
  • Phone
  • Toiletries offered
  • Free Wifi

The reception is open 24 hours a day to ensure you have a pleasant stay. As a common area, you can access the lounge on the ground floor. For those who want to bring back souvenirs from Madagascar, La Botika offers choice objects made by local artisans.

Visit here the page of the restaurant of the 3 Metis Hotel

Location of "3 Metis" 

3 Metis

IVA 1 Antaninandro
101 Antananarivo
020 22 359 83

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