Hotel Restaurant la Ribaudière | Antananarivo

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In its 20 years of existence, the Hotel Restaurant la Ribaudière has become a destination of choice for residents and tourists alike.

Located in Analakely in the center of the capital, it is close to the unmissable places of Antananarivo. A real plus to limit your travels.

With its 17 rooms, the hotel offers different packages. It distinguishes itself from the other establishments for its very neat decoration inspired by the Scandinavian style. If you are looking for a quiet stay, the place is ideal. In a cosy atmosphere, you will find all the comfort you need for an unforgettable stay. Rooms are air-conditioned and Wifi access is free of charge.

The Restaurant

The dishes of the Hotel Restaurant la Ribaudière are highly appreciated for the freshness of their product and the talent of their chef. Specializing in European cuisine, their Tartiflettes and Fondues are the best in town and regulars love them.

The restaurant is also much appreciated for its cosy atmosphere. The decor is enhanced by the sumptuous fireplace that adorns the room. For those who prefer to sit outside, the small garden on the terrace offers a pleasant place to have a drink with friends and meet new people.

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Location of "La Ribaudière" 

La Ribaudière

Rue Paul Dussac (à côté Chambre du Commerce), Analakely Sud
101 Antananarivo
032 02 411 51

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