Essential oil store Kinana Plus | Antananarivo

The Kinana Plus store offers you a wide range of products and essential oils studied and treated.

With Kinana Plus company, Malagasy people can enjoy healthy and natural products. After having carried out an in-depth study on castor oil, the company has come out with products combining castor oil and essential oils.

Faced with the effectiveness of their product, Kinana Plus has developed it by designing :

– Hair care such as shampoos for all hair types, treatments for alopecia, styling creams, masks, etc.

– Face care with balms, lotions, serums, etc.

– Body care products to treat redness, dry skin, etc.

– Disinfecting and cleaning products that eliminate more than 90% of microbes on hair, hands and all surfaces likely to be infected.

Located in the center of Antananarivo, it occupies one of the new cubicles built at the Analakely Esplanade.

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Contact "Kinana Plus"

034 58 568 38

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Araben'ny 26 Jona 1960, Esplanade Analakely
101 Antananarivo

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