Computer store Mass'in | Antananarivo

The Mass’in store offers one of the best quality/price ratio for the latest and innovative computer products in Antananarivo.

At Akoor Digue or at La City Ivandry, come and discover its products. Mass’In stands out thanks to its authentic brand products of European origin.

It is a computer store that sells famous brands recognized for their quality such as Lenovo, Hp or Dell.

It offers 3 types of computer equipment:

  • New products still in box. The brands are authentic and under manufacturer’s warranty. No modification has been done on the machine yet.
  • Reconditioned products from manufacturers which means that the equipment has been returned during the warranty period and meticulouslyrepaired before being put back on the market.
  • Reconditioned products from large European companies that renew their computer park after 6 to 18 months of use. This type of product is generally of professional range.

Besides desktop and laptop computers, you will also find different types of accessories such as headphones, backpacks, mugs, etc. Mass’in also sells various video game products.

Contact "Mass'In"

032 03 100 00

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Akoor Digue ou La City Ivandry
101 Antananarivo

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