Amusement park Milalaoo | Antananarivo

On the road to the Digue, Milalaoo Antananarivo will make you spend a good time with friends or family with its many games and rides worthy of an international amusement park.


Milalaoo Akoor Digue is part of the largest parks in the capital with an impressive Flying Chair that invites you to the thrill of height. There are 3 different types, which are not intended for the little ones, but they can enjoy other attractive outdoor games such as:

– The inflatable castle of about 10 m² surface

– The inflatable slide with a surface area of approximately 10 m².

– The playground with climbing rope, climbing wall and ladder

Your children will be able to let off steam from 7000 Ar for the whole day. For those who prefer electronic games, they will be delighted to enjoy its indoor games. You will find :

– A pinball machine

– A bowling

– A crazy dunker (basketball)

– An electronic rocking horse

– An electronic bicycle

– A car racing game, etc.

All you have to do is buy the ticket and you will have plenty of choices for 5 to 15 minutes. Milalaoo Akoor dike can also host your birthdays and family parties.

Contact "Milalaoo"

034 44 080 37

Send a mail to "Milalaoo"


Route Digue
101 Antananarivo

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