Sécurity Company ADESS SA | Antananarivo 

Sécurity Company ADESS SA | Antananarivo 


Sécurité par Géolocalisation de véhicules Madagascar ADESS SA


In a deteriorating security environment, law enforcement agencies from all sources are severely under-resourced, while violent attacks and kidnappings are on the increase, creating a sense of insecurity that is undermining the economic recovery and tarnishing the country’s international image.

Only the establishment of a public-private partnership (PPP) with the National Gendarmerie and the National Police will make it possible to strengthen, significantly and very quickly, the sovereign means of intervention and investigation, in terms of protection of persons and property, as stipulated, for example, in Decree No. 63253 of 16 May 1963 on the Malagasy National Gendarmerie.

This is why ADESS SA (Assistance, Due diligence, Studies, Safety, Security), a consulting and service company, developed a Public Private Partnership with the secretariat of the National Gendarmerie in December 2012, then with the Ministry of Internal Security in February 2013, to meet the immediate security needs of the country’s economic actors and the specific needs of certain embassies, international organizations and other non-governmental organizations.

Coordination of the resources made available within the framework of these partnerships is carried out within a Command and Coordination Post (PCC) created and managed by ADESS SA, dedicated to and interconnected for action with those of the National Gendarmerie and the National Police.


ADESS SA only works on Public Private Partnership operations with the Gendarmerie and the National Police.

The basic value of ADESS SA is the rigour and quality of the services provided.

ADESS SA attaches particular importance to the respect of Malagasy legislation and the transparency of its systems, structures and activities.


Warn: By geolocation beacons allowing the instantaneous transmission of an alarm by means of a “panic” button. These beacons are of the “on-board” type for travel in a vehicle and of the “mobile” type for travel without a vehicle.

By mobile phones previously registered in our database via emergency call numbers.

React: Via its Command and Coordination Centre equipped with a live management tool, the intervention process is initiated.

Intervene: With the help of the Brigades Rapides d’Ilotage et d’Intervention (BRII) armed by the National Gendarmerie or the National Police dedicated to the PPP.

Location of "ADESS SA" 

Location of "ADESS SA" 

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Immeuble DIGITAL - Alarobia - Morarano
101 Antananarivo
034 25 213 00
020 22 522 77

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