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At ProPain in Tana, come and enjoy the mouth-watering pastries and varieties of kneaded breads, imbued with the know-how of an experienced and talented team.

At the ProPain bakeries you will be able to taste artisanal breads, generally prepared and baked at the point of sale.

Propain has several points of sale in the most frequented districts of Antananarivo such as Ivandry, La Route Circulaire, Ambatoroka, etc.

Its head office is located in the Ankorondrano district in the Zital zone.

Its corners attract customers for its carefully kneaded bread varieties such as bastard bread, wholemeal bread, etc.

Without forgetting the pastries with raisin bread, chocolate bread, milk bread, etc.

Its shops also offer bakery pastries made with mille-feuilles, éclairs or mocha with melting dough and exquisite taste.

For lovers of savoury flavours, they offer portions of pizza and quiches, sandwiches for those who are a bit hungry and snacks such as nem, sambos.

A small snack corner has been set up in some of the shops to allow you to take a delicious little break.

If you wish to use their service, they can do you proud and offer you a professional and competent catering service.

Location of "Propain" 


Siège Zone ZITAL - Ankorondrano,
101 Antananarivo
034 80 982 43

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