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The Rainivony leather goods store is located in Cora Ankorondrano Antananarivo.

Specialized in shoe repair, its stores can repair your shoes and any other leather goods accessory.

Located in the most commercial areas of the capital, its stores always ensure a good quality of service. Rainivony knows very well how to work everything that can touch the noble material that is leather, as with :

– Jackets, he can make alterations and repair crumbling of the material.

– Upholstery work for more presentable seats.

– Handles for bags to be put on.

Rainivony does not limit his activities to repairs, he is also able to create shoes and leather accessories such as

– belts

– wallets

– sandals, etc.

You can also find in his stores products to maintain your shoes, your bags and your leather accessories. He also sells fake soles for shoes, anti-slip and other elements to help you walk with more comfort.

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Contact "Rainivony "

034 61 485 66

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Enceinte Cora Ankorondrano
101 Antananarivo

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