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≃ From €25 a night
Hotel Restaurant
La Gastronomie Pizza Pizzeria Restaurant Patisserie Glace Tana Madagascar
Lucy glacier Salon De Thé Gâteau Glace Snack Sandwich Tana Mada
Ice cream & bakery shop
Taxi Be Tananarive Karaoké Bar Concert Live Tana Madagascar
Nightclub bar concert karaoke
Ibiza Café restaurant of Villa Mahefa Antananarivo
Restaurant Piscine Activités Bg Tours Antananarivo
Restaurant Hôtel Ikopa Antananarivo Madagascar
Kudéta Restaurant Gastronomique Bar Lounge Antananarivo Madagascar
Bar Restaurant
Le Hub World Citizen Pub Bar Restaurant Discothéque Tana Mada
Restaurant-bar nightclub
Out Cool Buta Stupa Restaurant Saveur Italienne Antananarivo Madagascar
Italian restaurant
Jaos Pub Night Club Bar Lounge Cabaret Concert Tananarive Mada
Antalya Fast Food Kebab Turc Sandwich Snack Antananarivo Mada
No Comment-Bar Bar Discothèque Concert Antananarivo Mada
Bistro bar disco
Tennesse Restaurant Spécialité Viandes Tana Madagascar
Bar Restaurant
Breizh Box Créperie Spécialité Bretonne Antananarivo Madagascar

Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar invites travelers to discover culinary specialties from all over the world.

Commonly called “City of a thousand”, Antananarivo gathers several atypical and diversified restaurants.

If you wish to taste the local specialties of the regions, there is no need to leave the capital. You will find in every nook and cranny, traditional Malagasy dishes, the famous ro mazava, henakisoa sy ravitoto, fish with coconut, chicken with malagasy… So many flavors to discover.

Carnivorous or vegetable? In Antananarivo, find a cuisine for every taste:

  • Gastronomicrestaurants
  • Regional Specialties
  • Foreign specialties: European, African, Asian, Indian…
  • Meals in an original frame
  • Sushi bar
  • Tables d’hôtes
  • Cafés, pubs and tea rooms
  • Bistros
  • Gargotes
  • Grills
  • Pizzerias

If you are looking for a chic setting and refined dishes, the gastronomic restaurants of the city center or hotel restaurants are recommended.
A menu on Ipad, a good wine list, a friendly service, all in a luxurious atmosphere and careful decoration. These restaurants are often found in the districts of Isoraka, Antaninarenina, Ankorondrano or Ivato.

Without ruining yourself, you can also find good restaurants in the food court.
These small restaurants are often grouped in the shopping malls of the city: the City Ivandry, Tanà water front Ambodivona, Akoor dam, enclosure Zoom Ankorondrano … Very popular, especially on weekends, they offer several specialties at various prices: pizzas, salads, soups, Chinese dishes, grilled meats, pastries, American dishes, soft drinks … Good plans for a lunch with friends or family.

For a romantic dinner, there is no shortage of restaurants in the slightly set back corners of the city center. These restaurants offer you a dream view, in the morning as well as in the evening.

For a peaceful meeting, these modern and inventive kitchen settings guarantee you an unforgettable moment.

So many choices to discover without further delay.

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