Japanese restaurant sushi box Le Japon | Antananarivo

The restaurant Le Japon is offered to you on a tray at Sushi Box Tana located at La City Ivandry Antananarivo.

Are you a fan of sushi? This small Japanese delicacy becomes day after day more and more famous in the gastronomic restaurants of Antananarivo, with its colors and its varied forms.

The Japanese flavors at Sushi Box Tana in La City Ivandry will delight your taste buds.

Its card is well furnished with as proposal:

  • Tuna, salmon or shrimp sushi
  • Makis with tuna, salmon or vegetarian
  • Springs with chicken or shrimp
  • Californias prepared with several types of ingredients particularly succulent in mouth like avocado, mango, beet or cucumber.

To order one of these famous platters you can choose between the 8, 16 or 26 piece platter: mixed, fishless or vegetarian.

You can also try his 12 pieces of all-salmon platter, which are unanimously appreciated by his customers.

He also offers very appetizing soups and poke bowls.

For your orders, you can eat on the spot or have them delivered to your home or office.

Contact "Sushi Box Tana"

034 59 111 12

Send a mail to "Sushi Box Tana"


Enceinte Lacity Ivandry
101 Antananarivo

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