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The Nova Hotel in Antananarivo also offers rooms for seminars and banquets.

The rooms are flexible according to your needs.

The rooms for seminars

These rooms are composed in :

  • 2 conference rooms: capacity of 30 to 100 people
  • 4 reception rooms: capacity of 12 to 100 people
  • Business center : with complete offices and meeting room

The equipment in the room :

  • Reversible air conditioning
  • Wifi access

Other equipment can be provided according to your request.

The restaurant catering service can take care of various snacks.

The banquet rooms

For your special events (weddings, baptisms, birthdays, etc.), the Rooftop room is available.

It can accommodate a maximum capacity of 500 people. That is 200 people in the room and 300 people on the terrace.

For open-air cocktails, the garden is available.

A karaoke room is also available for your festive events.

Visit here the page of the hotel Nova

Visit here the page of the restaurant of the hotel

Location of "Nova hotel" 

Nova hotel

Mandrosoa Ivato NOVA RESOURCES IVF 88 Fitroafana
101 Antananarivo
034 93 111 14

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