Skydiving Center Skydive | Antananarivo

Come and discover at Skydive skydiving center a part of Antananarivo and Madagascar from another angle.

Being able to become a bird for a moment is what Skydive, the first skydiving center in Madagascar, offers you.

You can try :

  • A tandem jump with an instructor
  • An initiation jump to IAD skydiving, 5 hours of training to jump alone at 1200 m.
  • A static line initiation jump, a strap connects you to the plane, you jump alone at 1200 m
  • An AFF initiation jump, you jump alone to 3000 meters accompanied by two instructors

Skydive offers with the jump :

  • A diploma recognized by the Malagasy Federation of Sport Parachuting or FMPS
  • A discount coupon for birthday parties, bachelorette parties or simply for fun.
  • A video and photos of this moment to mark with a white stone.

Located in Arivonimamo at about 45 km from Antananarivo, you will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape that offers this region still little visited.

Contact "Skydive"

+261 34 48 777 77

Send a mail to "Skydive"


Arivonimamo Airport, Arivonimamo (RN1 direction Ampefy)
101 Antananarivo

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