Société d’Emballage de Madagascar | Antananarivo

Choose quality plastic packaging to preserve your products and facilitate its transport with Société d’Emballage de Madagascar, in Antananarivo.

The Société d’Emballage de Madagascar or SEM is a large industry of packaging distribution mainly intended for farmers. Very active in the development of agriculture in Madagascar, it collaborates with several organizations such as the FAO or Agriculture-Madagascar.

Its products are made from polypropylene, a plastic material that meets international standards and are :

  • Economical due to their very affordable price and adapted to all budgets
  • Strong and reusable thanks to the quality of its threads
  • Recyclable, thus limiting its ecological footprint

Whether you are a company or an individual, SEM can provide you with the size bags you are looking for.

The company can also manufacture several types of packaging such as

  • Polypropylene woven bags
  • Laminated coated bags
  • Net bags
  • Canvas bags
  • The straps which can be used as raw materials for the manufacture of bag
  • Big Bag

Contact "Société d'Emballage de Madagascar (SEM)"

032 05 476 08

Send a mail to "Société d'Emballage de Madagascar (SEM)"


Enceinte Torginol, Zone Forello Tanjombato
102 Antananarivo

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