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HERI MADAGASCAR offers you solar energy solutions. Take advantage of its accessible offers even if you are installed in the most remote areas of the country.

HERi Madagascar is a solidarity company located in Tsiadana, in the enclosure of the Espace Dera.

This social enterprise contributes to the development of the Malagasy rural areas by working in the field of solar energy.

Indeed, to reach its objectives, HERI Madagascar offers various solar products with payment facilities to rural populations. For this purpose, kiosks have been installed all over the island.

In order to make its activity perennial and to valorize the population of the implantation zone, the kiosks are held by entrepreneurs from each locality.

These people are trained beforehand to manage their business properly. To help them to develop their project, they will be supported by HERI Madagascar during their journey.

The HERI kiosks put at the disposal of the inhabitants and the surrounding areas solar materials such as :

  • solar lamps
  • photovoltaic solar panels
  • Solar refrigerator and freezer kits, etc …

In order to facilitate access to these products, several of them are available for rent.

To meet the needs of the premises, entrepreneurs also offer in their kiosks various services such as:

  • photocopying and printing services
  • recharging phone batteries
  • the sale of PPN, etc…

Contact "HERI"

020 22 207 64

Send a mail to "HERI"


DE 1er étage Espace Dera Route de l’université, Tsiadana
101 Antananarivo

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