Store of building materials Bricodis | Antananarivo

The building materials store Bricodis Antananarivo accompanies you in your construction and renovation projects.

Bricodis has opened more than 5 stores to meet the needs of its customers.

Modern and organized, each store has many well-presented products in a spacious and creative showroom. It can provide:

– Complete door blocks with locks, accessories, etc.

– Lighting fixtures with sconces, bulbs, chandeliers, ceiling lights, etc.

– Tiles of different sizes and types

– Electrical materials with cables, wire covers, circuit breakers, sockets, etc.

– Spray paint, oil and water paint

– Plumbing materials and taps for the installation of sanitary facilities

– Hardware with bolts and screws, glues and adhesives, chains and accessories

– etc.

It also offers materials for the installation of a solar energy system. If you have any questions or if you want to have information about some products you can contact the customer service or go directly to its Facebook page.

Contact "Bricodis"

034 11 623 29

Send a mail to "Bricodis"


Tsaralalana 24 Rue Befotaka
101 Antananarivo

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