Find a Pub Restaurant in Toamasina

La Paillotte Restaurant Cuisine Européenne Malgache Tamatave Madagascar
032 07 088 42
Bruno Glacier Pâtisserie Salon De Thé Tamatave Madagascar
Ice cream and pastry
020 53 333 78
Dzama Cocktail Café Restaurant Bar Rhum Madagascar Tamatave
034 90 712 41
Océan Hôtel Restaurant Excursion Toamasina Mada
≃ From 8€ a night
Hôtel Restaurant
034 16 770 30
Vanilla Atty Meals Salon De Thé Brunch Toamasina Mada
Bakery and pastry shop
032 03 777 91
Club Nautique Tennis Piscine Distraction Tamatave Madagascar
Swimming Pools & Tennis
034 46 952 50
Restotam hotel restaurant  Tamatave
≃ From 13€ a night
Hotel Restaurant
032 76 787 58
Palmarium Réserve Pangalanes Tamatave Madagascar
Natural Reserve
034 17 729 77
4 star hotel Sharon restaurant pool Tamatave
≃ From 48€ a night
Hotel Restaurant
020 53 304 20
La Braise Côté Cour Restaurant Street Food Tamatave Madagascar
Restaurant Snack
034 28 181 18
Les Flamboyants Hôtel Restaurant Tamatave Madagascar
Hotel Restaurant
20 53 323 50
Splendide Hôtel Chambres 3 étoiles Tamatave Madagascar
≃ From 25€ a night
Hotel Restaurant
033 47 778 28
O Tamarah Restaurant Cuisine Vietnamienne Chinoise Tamatave Madagascar
034 11 326 26
Bar Restaurant Snack Tamatave SARKY'S
Bar Restaurant
033 20 311 65
Chez Oli Hôtel Bungalow Piscine Tamatave Mada
≃ From 12€ a night
Bungalow Restaurant
033 64 326 23

Search for a culinary trip in Madagascar?

Head for Tamatave and its atypical recipes with a unique taste, which combines know-how and tradition. Located on the east coast of the big island, the city is mainly known for its famous “Tamatave Soups”, with its very tasty broth, added with several secret ingredients.

Tamatave is above all a place with a strong tourist potential in Madagascar.
Local and foreign tourists do not come only to discover the emblematic sites of the region, they come especially to taste the good recipes of the coast. Especially since the city is populated by various Asian nationalities. What makes that the Chinese recipes, married with the local specialities do not miss in the restaurants in Tamatave.

Because of its richness in fish farming, the city is also known for its seafood-based menus.

Whatever your tastes, you will surely find your happiness between :

  • Gastronomic restaurants
  • Hotel restaurants
  • Asian restaurants
  • Small budgets
  • Local specialties
  • Foreign specialties
  • Grills
  • Cafés, bars, pubs
  • Tea rooms

The great hotels offer the refinement of their prepared plates, their wine cellars and their pastries. These restaurants often have an elaborate setting, where refined and carefully prepared recipes complement the sumptuous décor. To be found in the various districts of the city center or near the sea.

Well-known names of Chinese gastronomy can also be found in the heart of Tamatave. With a rather fast service, these restaurants propose tsa-tsiou, mine-sao, soups, ti-pan, Cantonese rice, wan tan, bouchons…

It is also common to taste seafood dishes in Tamatave.
The choices are numerous, in sauce, cooked on the spit, in the braise or in the oven, the amateurs of shrimps, fish and lobsters will be spoiled.
If your budget is limited, several warm settings are to discover with local or Vietnamese recipes. There is no lack of choice, there is something for every taste and every budget.

A real potential to discover with family or friends.

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