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The restaurant Le Bateau Ivre, located on the seafront of Tamatave, offers seafood specialties.

The establishment is ideally located, in the heart of the city on the seafront. Open every day, from 9am to 11pm, the menu offers a wide choice of dishes concocted with freshly caught products from the Indian Ocean.

The menus are varied, ranging from a seafood platter with saffron rice to the convivial Royal Paella. Grilled Captains, grilled lobsters and seafood torpedoes are no less.

All accompanied by an orchestra every night. No doubt, you will be conquered by the tropical atmosphere of the house.

The room is also available for rent. Weddings, seminars and cabarets can be organized in this warm and welcoming setting.

A swimming pool adds to the restaurant’s decor. The pool is freely accessible for customers and is subject to a fee for the public.


Location of "Bateau Ivre" 

Bateau Ivre

boulevard Ratsimilaho
501 Tamatave
034 05 302 94
53 302 94

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