Fruits and vegetables, snack Chouchou Péï | Les Avirons

Jérôme and Lauriane are happy to welcome you with a smile in their grocery store CHOUCHOU PEI aux Avirons.

Three times a week the shop is stocked with seasonal fruits and vegetables, which guarantees the freshness of these.

A general food area also includes a variety of basic necessities 

  • Rice, Grain
  • Preserved
  • Drinks
  • Alcohol (to be consumed in moderation)
  • Gas, etc …

Chouchou Péi is also a snack restaurant that serves delicious carry-to-go

At CHOUCHOU PEI you are served in a good mood!

Contact "Chouchou Péï"

06 92 32 11 14

Send a mail to "Chouchou Péï"


5 Ch Sincère Mazeau
97425 Les Avirons

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