Carpentry Wood MBA-JPS | St.Andre

The MBA-JPS Carpentry specializes in chain manufacturing and the installation of wood carpentry in the building sector throughout the island.

It is an individual company that has been in existence since 1992. It is headed by Mr SABABADY JeannPaul. She

Since 2014, carpentry has become a factory.

A wide variety of products are available:

  • Outdoor pans (several models available)
  • Interior doors (several models available)
  • Glass chassis (several models available)
  • Treated pine cladding
  • MOVINGUI cladding created by MBA—JPS
  • Creole ceiling or cryptomeria panelling – pose
  • Stairs (several models)
  • Sale of cryptomeria panelling at the factory
  • Bags of wood chips
  • Falls of wood, etc …

Free quote.

Location of "MBA-JPS" 


194 chemin Valentin
97440 St-André
02 62 48 55 90
02 62 58 71 26

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