Restaurant At Jo' vaness' | St-André 

Restaurant At Jo' vaness' | St-André 

At Jo' Vaness'

Repas A Emporter St Andre 974 Chez Jo Vaness

The restaurant CHEZ JO’ VANESS’ offers you Creole meals on the spot and take away.

  • Rougail sausages,
  • Roast pork,
  • Ti jacques boucané,
  • Bred manioc sausages or boucané,
  • Buccaneer baba fig,
  • Duck stew flambéed in Whisky etc …



  • Fried sausages rice heated rougail tomato (speciality of Monday)

Wednesday, Grill Specialty:

  • Pork steak,
  • Chicken steak,
  • Chicken leg and hip,
  • Chicken sarcives, etc …


  • Massalé coq péi or massalé cabri

Served on a fig leaf with larson broth and mashed peas


  • Pig’s Paw Stew

The 1st and last Sunday of the month:

  • Grilled chicken,
  • Skewers,
  • Grilled sausages,
  • Short ribs,
  • Chicken fingers,
  • Vegetable achards,
  • Chicken stuffing, etc …

Homemade dessert:

  • Potato cake,
  • Banana cake,
  • Manioc,
  • Apple tart,
  • Banana Frangipane etc …

Different varieties of homemade arranged Rum ( exotic, kiwi, cherry, leetchi, ginger, pineapple … )

Sandwich shop:

( Every day except Saturday )

  • Bread carry,
  • Sandwiches au gratin,
  • Macatia au gratin,
  • Fresh sandwich,
  • Americans etc …

Formula for high school students:

  • 1 bread at 2 euros bought = 1 drink offered every lunchtime

Location of "At Jo' Vaness'" 

Location of "At Jo' Vaness'" 

At Jo' Vaness'

24 Chemin Morin
97440 St-André
02 62 67 68 69

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